Under the Hammer

Sotheby’s auction house's experts select one noteworthy work out of the independent artists' works exhibited at Fresh Paint’s Greenhouse. The work is then included in Sotheby’s international and Israeli art December auction in New York. All the sale expenses are paid by Sotheby’s, and all the proceeds go to the artist.

The artwork The Girlfriend Experience by artist Shir Moran was selected by Sotheby's Under the Hammer experts in Fresh Paint 10.
Selection committee members included Sigal Mordechai and Talia Cohen from Sotheby's, Dorit Hakim, Iris Rywkind Ben Zour and Dana Golan.

Among the committee’s reasons for selecting the winner: "At first glance, Shir’s works look colorful, playful, and captivating, but a closer look reveals social and personal layers that reflect the world of millennials. Shir Moran uses animal leather as her support – an ancient technique used in illuminated scripture. The use of animal leather in The Girlfriend Experience blurs the boundaries between the skin of the woman depicted in the painting and the leather, alongside a fascinating combination of “animalistic” and monochromatic use of color juxtaposed with figurative details that form a captivating wealth and colorful tapestry. The piece shifts between the abstract and the figurative, between the visible and the hidden. Her works are created with new materials and presented with a great deal of fearlessness and intriguing innovation.”


Winner of the Fresh Paint 10 Under the Hammer