Mentoring Program

As part of the innovations in Freshpaint as it enters its second decade of activity, and in recognition of emerging artists’ need for support and mentoring, this year we will offer a professional mentoring program by Fresh Fair representative to one of the artists participating in the Independent Artists’ Greenhouse.

At the end of the fair, pairs of artist-representative will apply for the program, of which Fresh Fair team will select one winning pair. The semi-annual program will be funded by the fair.

As part of Freshpaint's partnership with Outset, Outset Israel will provide exposure and mentorship to the winning pair, among others by inviting them to join its program, which offers an intimate and intensive interaction with the local and international artworld and talks with artists and curators. Outset team will also accompany and lead a visit of Outset’s supporters’ group in the selected artist’s studio.

Outset Contemporary Art Fund Israel is an Israeli philanthropic organization affiliated with the global Outset Contemporary Art Fund. By bringing private funding from its partners, Outset Israel supports contemporary Israeli art projects, donates Israeli artworks to public collections, and offers a residency program in Israel for international artists and curators.