International Exhibition

Transformation / International Thematic Exhibition

Change, permutation, transformation

The Greek philosopher Anaximander was the first to suggest that the only constant thing is change. He speculated about "the Boundless" as the origin of all that is. He argued that the origin cannot be one of nature's elements, but rather something that is external to them, that is non-constant, non-characterized, and undefined. Artworks in the Transformation exhibition challenge forces of nature, both stagnant and dynamic; appearances that turn out to be something else, and humans' impact on their environment – ever since the beginning.

Transformation is an exhibition that was devised in cooperation with international and local artists, embassies, galleries, and foreign institutes. The call for proposals invited artists to regard the site – a building intended for a Museum of Natural History which is going to be populated with Nature in all its aspects. This prompted artists to send us many different proposals for actions that are tightly linked, and respond, to the world of nature. The works were what set the tone and determined Transformation as the title and central theme.

Works from Romania, Lithuania, United States, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Norway, Slovak Republic, Spain, Hungary, Denmark, United Kingdom and Brazil made their way by air, sea, and land, and joined local artworks. The subject matters reflect many aspects of transformations in the world of nature such as still life, hybrids and mutations, construction and deconstruction, weathering and erosion, climate, and the elements. The artists perceive these aspects from various angles and pass them on to viewers in diverse ways. They turn found, fished out, or dug up objects into something completely different. Some create an alternative reality with futuristic aspirations. Others express a pacified, compassionate, and apologetic view on nature. From this abundance, motifs of change, permutation, and transformation emerge again and again in the artworks.

The amassment of all these works, if only for a brief moment, within this exceptional location, had developed into a Noah’s Ark of ideas, hopes, aspirations, and comments on that which had been on the minds of us humans, from time immemorial – facing nature. 


Participating artists:

Apparatus 22, Romania

Andrius Erminas, Lithuania

Tono Carabajo, Spain

Kneip, Norway

Misoo, USA

Roman Sakin, Russia


Local Artists:

Maria Saleh Mahameed

Peleg Dishon