Tel-Aviv Port

31.5.19 to 02.6.19

Tel Aviv Port is a unique meeting place between people, city and sea. The port anchorage a cultural and life style experience and is a home to artists and galleries that exhibit temporary exhibitions.

The port of Tel Aviv is an island of leisure in the heart of the big city. A port of openness, intensity and pluralism, and at the same time a place of continuous pleasure and relaxation.

This year, the Tel Aviv Port will host four artists in the gallery weekend:

The design store "THE BOX" will host photographer Tamar Karavan in her "Room of my Own".

Structure 24-25 will display the origami metal work, " Folded Logic " by the artist Ilan Gariby.

Structure 24-25 will host Mika and Avi Milgrom, Video Art artists will present interactive video work "Drinks and Dreams".

The design store, "Bayit Banamal", "comme il faut", will host O + R design, exhibiting ceramic works.