The Box Furniture | Tamar Karavan

Tamar Karavan | A room of my own

31.5.19 to 02.6.19

3 Hataarucha St.

When I was 8 years old, I would always close the door to my room, fearing that a lion might enter and devour me. Then, alone in my room I felt safe. I could draw, read and dream in peace.

90 years ago, Virginia Wolf’s “A Room of One’s Own” was published. In this book she referred to every woman’s need of her own private room as a space for creation. 

In “The Box” I have created my very own personal “room,” where my inner world is painted through photography – depicting motherhood, femininity, art, and vulnerability.

Opening event, Fri. 31.5, 11:00
Artist talk, Sat, 1.6, 20:00