CCA - Center for Contemporary Art

Two Exhibitions

31.5.19 to 02.6.19

2 Tsadok Hacohen St.

Keren Cytter | Sponsored Content

Cytter's first institutional solo presentation in Israel, carries a deep autobiographical tone, although, as always in her work, this very tone is hinted and suggested, avoiding any direct references. For this exhibition, which is articulated in two galleries, the artist has conceived an immersive display that invites the viewer to have an unusual physical encounter with her work, generating a space for reflection, bringing up all the different life stages, from childhood to teenage, from adulthood to middle age, till old age. Complementing the installation on the ground floor is a full retrospective of her video work, which is presented in the multipurpose gallery on the second floor.

Noa Glazer | Level Loophole

The work of Glazer is focused on objects and materials, often fossilized and congealed in their settings. Into these objects, the artist intervenes to withdraw and expand their nature, from and beyond their own boundaries. In her first institutional solo exhibition, Glazer presents three points of view of her artistic practice. The title of the exhibition, derives from a method employed in industrial carpeting – level loop carpet – and also refers to the notion of loophole, a term with several applications, from architecture to tax evasion, that defines the possibility of escaping, avoiding, overturning, or manipulating a given set of rules.