Gallery Agripas 12 at Belle Shafir Studio

Agripas 12 Artists' Book

31.5.19 to 02.6.19

6 Shvil Ha'Meretz

Over the past year, the gallery artists worked on the large-scale project of an artists' book. The 13 artists in the collective created new works in a uniform format, which were combined into one volume that manifests the artistic and communal collaboration unique to the gallery.

The gallery artists are: Doron Adar, Alejandra Okret, Max Epstein, Andi LaVine Arnovitz, Lena Zaidel, Oded Zaidel, Leonid Zeiger, Gabi Yair, Michael Yakhilevich, Mazal Carmon, Rita Mendes-Flohr, Sarah nina Meridor, Rina Peled, Nadia Adina Rose, Bitya Rosenak, Ruth Schreiber.