30.5.19 > 03.6.19

Give A Good Feeling - Latet

Want to get some good feeling? Latet organization is proud to launch its "Give a good feeling" product!

When one makes a donation, one gets a good feeling in return.
For the first time ever, we 'branded' a feeling!

For a whole year, we designed the product model, based on a simple motto - when you buy it, you get a good feeling. The proceeds will be entirely used to purchase food for families in need in Israel, through Latet.

The project and its execution was born out of a collaboration between Latet and the Innovation Agency Gefen Team and the product was created thanks to the innovative digital print technologies of HP Indigo.

The product comes in thousands of shades and you can also buy it as a symbolic gesture for your friends, parents, coworkers and employees.

The launch is set during the Fresh Paint fair and the product will be available for sale on the lawn near the main exhibition hall. 

For more information, visit Latet’s website: www.latet.org.il/en.