Greenhouse Graduates Focus

For the past decade we have been forming and strengthening relationships with the finest Israeli artists through our Greenhouse model. We accompany them at the early days of their artistic path, leaving educational institutions armed with a portfolio of their graduate exhibition, and follow them to showing their works in the most prestigious Israeli and international art venues. We are proud that our Greenhouse was the first platform of all young winners of the Rapaport Prize in the past six years. We are proud to hear the announcements of recipients of the Ministry of Culture Awards who experienced their first baptism by fire under our roof, and to think back to the hesitant and excited personal interviews of artists who are now exhibiting solo museum shows and experiencing a meteoric success.

It is for these artists, who have taken their first steps in the artworld with us, that we created the platform of the Graduates Focus. We received many and varied proposals from Greenhouse graduates in response to our open call. We wanted to see the progress, the unique handwriting, the next chapter in the road that started with us.

In this year's Graduates Focus, we feature five seductive, destructive, Sisyphean and inquisitive solo exhibitions that touch on the old and the innovative, on the one hand challenging the viewer's gaze and introducing critical questions, and on the other hand touching on beauty and illusion.

Supported by Gallia Dor