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Gold Mind / Fresh Paint 8 / Project

Gold today mainly symbolizes money and materialism; but are those the only associations it was left with? Perhaps in our wealthy, post-modern, virtual and hyper-textual times, gold can express other symbols and interpretations. The artists of the Florentine 45 Gallery present a contemporary interpretation of the golden color and material in today’s society.

Tha Gallery Artists: Anna  fromchenko, Yudith  schreiber, Maya  Smira, Inna Polonsky, shai saul, Jonathan Goldman, Tali Navon, Nava Abel, Yanai Navon, Etchi Nyiri, Ruth Noam, Avner  Sher, Lena Revenko, Reut Ferster, Lisa Gross, Yochi Shrem, Dor  confino, Shirley Shor, Vered Aharonovich



פלורנטין 45